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Video encoding, hosting, and statistics – all in one place.

StreamComposer includes all you need to host videos whether you are a newspaperCMS publishing house, advertising company, or in any way use videos on the internet.

We even have predefined views for complete TV-like looks, tutorial guides, and much more, thereby eliminating a huge work on setting up advanced views.

Video encoding is a very time-consuming, power requiring, and technically difficult part of making videos available for web and all devices. Many services provide tools for making this easier, but few make it as easy as StreamComposer.

So why choose StreamComposer?

  • Most of our competitors “own” the rights to use your videos for their own marketing purposes, or in any other way to use the videos as they see fit. We don’t. Your videos are yours. If we want to use them for our marketing purposes then we will ask for your permission.
  • We will continuously expand our integrations capabilities to CMS’s, Marketing Management system, HR systems, LMS’s etc. so that you as a user get an easy and transparent implementation for your videos.
  • We do not try to brand ourselves at your behalf. Many or most other competitors will at some point when users watch a video have some sort of link or other information about themselves, moving the viewers focus away from your product or website.

What makes StreamComposer easier than most other services:

  • You do not need to have a technical knowledge of devices
  • You do not need to select encoding profiles
  • You do not need to worry about new technologies. Read more about this on our encoding page
  • and much more