StreamComposer on a laptio

StreamComposer – The company and its history

Developers, IT ops and testers making it all work.

After working on different projects for many companies for many many years.
A decision was made to join experiences and forces to develop an easy to use and effective platform for businesses to share/use videos for CMS’s, commercials and tutorials companies.

The company was established September 2015 and the first year was spent developing.
October 2016 the Beta version of the product were released.

The vision is not, as most companies do, to expand the product to other technologies or solutions but, to keep focus at the core that we started developing, and refining and optimizing it.

We will develop new functionality to the core as customers demand it, and customer wishes will be our focus rather than funny ideas on our side.

Our focus will at all time be: “StreamComposer – business video hosting”


Klintevej 7
3600 Frederikssund
+45 93 91 22 19