CMS Editors should focus on editing not coding.

Using StreamComposer, adding a video to a website is as easy as adding a link. And included in adding videos to the site, you get:

  • Access to statistics on the video engagement
  • Access limits and much much more.
  • Automatic encoding
Embed link editor

Embedding links with one click

This¬†dialog box in StreamComposer makes configuring an embedding link just by a few clicks. Select player colors, if the player should start automatically, and if it should have a subscription form included in a single view. We have even plugins to some CMS’s where you upload video directly from your CMS to StreamComposer where it gets automatically encoded and made ready to embed. All from within your CMS.

Get access to advanced statistics data

As a CMS provider, it is important to:

  • See and monitor the video engagement
  • Verify that users actually watch the videos you add.
  • Check how far into the videos they watch.
  • Ensure that the videos reach all over the world.

All this and much more is possible using our statistics module read more here.


Decide who sees what and when

Simple access administration right at the tip of you fingers

StreamComposer has a simple interface for limiting access you your videos. You can limit access by:

  • Defining IP’s
  • Domain names.
  • You can even set publication dates!

With the access administration you get complete control on who and when people can see your videos.