Capture customers using CTA

We have developed an easy to use Call To Action (CTA) in StreamComposer.

The CTA can be used either as standalone in StreamComposer or add emails directly to lists in MailChimp or other marketing software.

No doubt videos are extremely important in marketing relations. That is why it should be easy to add videos to you marketing campaign, but when the video is added then what?

Customer must act before focus has been moved from the video/page. It might be noted that this is just a question of seconds. That is why it is so important to have a CTA.  And that is why our team at StreamComposer has developed our new easy to use CTA module.

Get higher conversion rates

Call to action buttons and forms are arguably the most important part of your website. So you need to get this remedy down ASAP. A great CTA button or form can direct users, get them to take a desired action, improve conversion rates, and ultimately help your website achieve its defined objectives; examples:

  • The customer just saw a video of your new running shoes. The customer now stops the video and a button appears linking directly to the product.
    He/she is not distracted by text on the site which would be the case if the link where somewhere else on the page. There is no distractions, just direct access to selling the product.
  • We want to have a campaign gathering people that can collect money for the needy. We show a video explaining the situation and when the video stops a form appears. The user can now enter his or her email and name, and this is automatically stored in for example MailChimp.
    You can easily send emails to all volunteers since all their emails were automatically stored in a MailChimp  list.

Example of a CTA form

From the StreamComposer backend

The CTA form data

Call to action form

The MailChimp integration

Call to action Marketing integration

And finally on the video