Encoding service that is blazing fast and with no cost

Cloud encoding service

Encoding service – completely free.

Most other encoding services and video hosting services charge an amount pr. encoded data. StreamComposer do not, furthermore we also give you the possibility to re-encode your videos as many times you want.

This is beneficial because new future devices might need new encoding to match their specifications. Other encoding services would require you to upload the original video. You will then have to have it encoded again. Requiring you to pay for a new encoding.

Encoding profiles

Most competitors have some predefined encoding profiles, like StreamComposer, but still using these predefined profiles. Users are often presented for changing their profiles. It is seen again and again that customers gets frustrated with. Videos are often not playable on all devices due to some small changes they’ve made.
This is one of the reasons that we removed this possibility, this also makes it easier for the user to encode since we have removed an option they often just found annoying or confusing.

Lightning speed using Cloud encoding

We constantly keep track on how many encoding sessions are running at the same time. If there is a large encoding demand we simply start new machines automatically to ensure the best encoding speed. This is called Cloud encoding. We also  always try to keep a number of machines run idle.  This will ensure that there are no waiting time for encoding to start.

Free custom encoding profiles

If you have wishes for your own specific encoding profiles. Please contact us so that we can find a profile that match your needs. We will then ensure that these profile will be available for you to use in the future. Designing these profiles is of course done by us completely without charge.