Get your customers directly from your video into MailChimp

StreamComposer is proud to announce that we now have built MailChimp integration, as part of the Pro and Premium solution.

No more copying emails from your video hosting service to your email marketing software or the other way around.

Just set up the MailChimp integration and customers signing up using our Call to action (CTA) form will be automatically registered in the MailChimp lists you have selected to use in StreamComposer.

A few clicks and customers emails are sent directly from your videos to MailChimp.


  1. In MailChimp, select Account->Extras->API Keys:
    MailChimp integration - API key
  2. Copy the key
  3. In StreamComposer you select Admin->Integration->MailChimp
  4. Press Connect
  5. Press Save

And that’s it. There is nothing more to it!

Now you have the integration up and running. You can then use this in one of our Call to action forms.

MailChimp integration usage (example)

If you have created lists in MailChimp then they will automatically appear in our CTA forms as you can see here:

mailchimp lists

Select one of the lists in your CTA and the lists will be automatically updated with users signing up using the CTA embedded in your videos.

It’s that easy!

The lists in MailChimp is automatically listed in StreamComposer, so if you or someone else add a new list in MailChimp the list will appear next time you set up a new or edit the current CTA.

You might go ahead and read about our Call to action module which goes hand in hand with this module. Using the CTA together with the MailChimp integration will send emails registered using the CTA directly into the associated list in MailChimp.

An of course, if you have questions or suggestions our support is always ready to help at: We are also open for suggestions to other integrations that you might find useful.