Videos in news are more engaging than text and images

There is no doubt users are more motivated to follow the news when watching videos.
The absolute most data transferred on the internet is video traffic, and there is a reason for this.
People love videos, this is the reason that we see more and more newspapers focusing on videos in their articles.
The users do no longer want to spend too much time reading long articles or looking at images.

Use single or list videos in articles

Spice up articles with a list of videos.

news playerNormally internet based articles have a single video attached to the article.
But why limit the article to a single video?
Using StreamComposers tagging system and our Leftside view, you can add set of videos to an article.
The videos in the article could then list videos that are matching the topic of the article, just by a few clicks in the StreamComposer backend.
No need to do a lot of management. Just add a tag for the article to the videos you want listed and embed the listview in the article.
That’s it.

Tutorial editor

Email followup on video

Add a form for the user to subscribe when the video stops

When creating a link for embedding the video you can configure it to include a form with which the user can enter an email.
This makes it simple for you to add videos to websites, emails, and other targets where you ensure the easiest possibility for the user to register for events, articles like the one they just read or whatever you might think of.
Newspapers today should engage the readers, not just present an article.


Get access to advanced statistics data

It is very important to know what articles are read the most, and what videos the readers want to see. Why spend time adding videos or have videos filling up if the readers do not want to see them?

Use our advanced statistics to analyze this and ensure that both you and the readers get the most out of their money.
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