An easy way of presenting your videos

StreamComposer comes with different player views that easily can be configured to use your videos in the way that you want without coding or complex API calls.

Normally, displaying multiple videos in a presentable way requires a lot of development, designing and testing.
Using our predefined and easily configurable player views, you can display your video library in many ways with just a few clicks. Is there a view that you need but we do not have then we would like to hear about it so that we can accommodate your needs.

Left side player

Left Side View

A simple StreamComposer view with a single list of videos

One of the simplest views that we have. It has:

  • a list of videos placed at the right side
  • a player at the left side
  • comments below the video, if enabled

Setting up is done using very few clicks LeftSide example

TV View

The most used view

This is a view that looks much like most other TV channels out there.
It has a number of lists with thumbnails of videos.
Each list is defined with a set of “labels”. This means that you can filter what videos can be shown in the lists.
All the lists have a header. TV View example

TV View

Tutorial view

Tutorial View

Teaching using videos

A view that can be used as a video tutorial on your site. Using just a few simple configurations. It includes:

  • Chapters
  • Video for each chapter
  • Download files from each chapter
  • Each chapter includes a heading and text
  • Comments on each video
  • Multiple choice test

Tutorial example

Embedded View

The simplest and “normal” view

As most other encoding services, we too have an embedded view, for embedding a single video to your website.
Using our embedded player view is as easy as adding any other element to your webpage, whether you use a CMS or edit the pages yourself. It’s just a question of showing an iframe on your site.
You can also just use a simple link on you page.
Embedded example

Player views- Embedded view