StreamComposer offers all you need in professional video hosting.

Easy embedding, simple upload and preview functionality, and standard encoding profiles makes hosting your videos easy.
Using StreamComposer you own your own videos and decide who can see your videos, we claim no rights to use them, in any purposes.



Adding new videos could not be easier

Adding videos to StreamComposer does not require a lot of technical knowledge. Just upload a video, give it a title and wait. That’s it.
StreamComposer will now give you a link with which you can embed, share or just view the video. No need to select between advanced technical options.

Decide who sees what and when

Simple access administration right at the tip of you fingers

StreamComposer has a simple interface for limiting access you your videos.
You can limit access by defining IP’s or domain names. You can even set publication dates!


Get access to advanced statistics data

There is a big chance that, even if you only need to have videos hosted you still would like to know what videos are the most popular, how far into the videos people watch, and from where
they are seen.
All this and much more is directly accessible using the statistics module in StreamComposer, and though this is normally a module you would have to pay for most other places, this comes
for free in StreamComposer!
In short StreamComposer delivers all that is needed for professional video hosting

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